Warfare Realm VR - is a game in the genre of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Those kind of games combine elements of action games, RPG (role-playing games), and RTS (real-time strategies), but players usually do not make buildings or units. Instead, a player controls one character in a team called Hero.

Goal of the game is to destroy the core of opponent team base with the help of combat units periodically spawned in the game. They are controlled by computer, which lead them to the rivals base along constant paths. There are also additional items for heroes, which can restore or raise their characteristics and give special abilities. Neutral forces on the map is source of gold and experience for rising Heroes. A victory goes to the team, which provide best strategy and takes maximum advantage from game various features.


  • New expirience of popular game genre in VR
  • New way of in game communication with friends
  • VR adapted controls and ui/ux
  • Immersive dynamic gameplay
  • Heroes with unique attack mechanics, characteristics and abilities
  • Different items with additional mechanics and use effects
  • Neutral forces, buildings and unique items to battle for
  • Match statistic and achievements